Medicinal Herbs For Stroke And High Blood Disease

The best stroke drug Stroke is a condition that occurs when blood supply flowing to the brain is cut off due to blockage or rupture of the blood vessels, resulting in the death of cells in some areas of the brain. Stroke is a serious health condition that requires rapid treatment. When the blood supply that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is cut off, the brain cells will begin to die. By the faster the patient is handled, the damage will be even smaller Can be avoided. Stroke disease when viewed from the cause is divided into two types of ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. An ischemic stroke can occur if the blood supply stops due to a blood clot, and a hemorrhagic stroke occurs when blood vessels supplying blood to the brain are ruptured. Melia Propolis has been present for all of you to be able to help withstand all the diseases you suffer including Stroke.

Natural herbal remedies for heavy strokes The brain will function well, if the supply of oxygen and nutrients provided by blood flows well. If the blood supply is inhibited, then the brain will be damaged, even a person affected by a stroke can die. Remember the following symptoms of stroke so that you can perform the right actions such as The speech of the patient is unclear or chaotic, even there are also people who can not talk at all Although they appear conscious, Eyes and mouth on one side of the patient’s face look down, The arms of the sufferer suffered paralysis when stroke, therefore they are unable to lift one or even both arms. In general stroke is treated with drugs, including drugs Prevention to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, and eliminate blood clotting.But now Melia Propolis provides solutions for you.Melia Propolis is a natural herbal remedy that does not contain harmful chemicals for your body so that Melia Propolis is safe for your consumption. Immediately have Melia Propolis before your stroke progresses Getting worse.

Traditional stroke Drugs Stroke causes many complications, and some can endanger the life of the patient. Examples of such complications include hydrocephalus or high production of cerebrospinal fluid, dysphagia or difficulty swallowing, and deep vein thrombosis or blood clots in the legs. Stroke can be prevented through the application of a healthy lifestyle. The risk of stroke will be reduced if you eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, do not smoke, and drink alcohol according to the dose. You need not worry and confused because now Melia Propolis is present for you.Melia Propolis is a traditional herbal medicine to help you cure the disease Stroke.Melia Propolis contains no chemicals that are harmful to your body so it is safe for your consumption, besides that the price is cheaper in comparison with other drugs.

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